Fareed Ullah Abu Rohan
  • 1946
  • Male
  • Pakistani

Abu Rohan

  • Education: Studied Hotel Administration at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA.
  • Children: Has 1 son and 1 daughter


Abu Rohan is a Pakistani actor and jeweler known for dramas Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, Raqs-e-Bismil and Chauraha. His real name is Fareed Allah Sheikh but he is known as Abu Rohan w.r.t. to his son’s name Rohan.

Born in 1946, Abu Rohan belongs to a jeweler family and also worked as a waiter in PC hotel in 1967. He has studied Hotel Administration at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA. He now runs his own jewelry business and first appeared on TV as a jeweler on a morning show. 

Abu Rohan is active on Instagram and Facebook.

Dramas List

Drama Cover Drama Name Channel Release Date
Chauraha GEO TV May 31, 2022
Raqs-e-Bismil HUM TV December 25, 2020
Dunk ARY Digital December 23, 2020
Masters Express TV October 19, 2020
Meherposh GEO TV April 3, 2020
Seeta Bagri TV One November 17, 2016
Takabur APlus TV July 23, 2015
Mann Ke Moti GEO TV June 13, 2013
Kuch Khawab Thay Meray ARY Digital July 22, 2011
Main Abdul Qadir Hoon HUM TV December 18, 2010