Ahmed Taha Ghani
  • 28-Jul-1990
  • Male
  • Pakistani

Ahmed Taha Ghani

  • Height: 5 feet 11 inch
  • Education: Bachelor of Management with major in Finance
  • Siblings: Has one sister and one brother
  • Married


Ahmed Taha Ghani is a Pakistani actor and musician known for Jo Tou Chahay, Qurbatain, and Parizaad

Taha was born on 28th July 1990 and completed Bachelor of Management with major in Finance. He started his showbiz career with the movie ‘Yalghar’ while his debut drama was Jaan Hatheli Par

He is active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Dramas List

Drama Cover Drama Name Channel Release Date
Ishq e Laa HUM TV October 21, 2021
Parizaad HUM TV July 20, 2021
Qurbatain HUM TV July 6, 2020
Jo Tou Chahay HUM TV July 4, 2019
Jaan Hatheli Par Urdu 1 December 2, 2013