Arij Mohyudin
  • 23-Mar-1997
  • Islamabad
  • Female
  • Pakistani

Arij Mohyudin

  • Lives in Islamabad
  • Age: 23 Years
  • Education: BS IT (Islamabad)
  • Family: Has four brothers
  • Contact: Can be reached at [email protected]


Arij Mohyudin is a young Pakistani actress. She has started her acting career recently. Her initial projects include Tajdeed-e-Wafa and Jo Tou Chahay in which she worked when she was completing her studies.

Arij is the first one in her family to step into acting field. She is active on Instagram and runs a YouTube channel too.

Dramas List

Drama Cover Drama Name Channel Release Date
Roag HUM TV February 21, 2022
Qissa Meherbano Ka HUM TV August 28, 2021
Ahl-e-Wafa APlus TV March 17, 2021
Tum Se Kehna Tha HUM TV November 24, 2020
Qurbatain HUM TV July 6, 2020
Jo Tou Chahay HUM TV July 4, 2019
Tajdeed e Wafa HUM TV September 23, 2018