Hammad Shoaib

Hammad Shoaib
  • 5-April
  • Chicha Watni
  • Male
  • Pakistani
  • Lives in Lahore
  • Height: 6 feet 1 inch
  • Education: A Levels (Lahore Grammar School)
  • Family: Ayesha Shoaib (Mother), Saad Shoaib Bashir (Brother)


Hammad Shoaib is a Pakistani model and actor. His main dramas include Khidmat Guzar and Soteli Maamta. He got national recognition after he was found to be resembling Indian actor Ranveer Singh. Since then, he has signed many commercials and his drama career has got a boost. Besides acting, he has also got some dancing skills.

Hammad is very active on social media and can be reached at Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Dramas List

Drama Name Channel Release Date

Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi

ARY Digital May 11, 2022


HUM TV May 11, 2022

Saaya 2

GEO TV May 6, 2022

Chaudhry And Sons

GEO TV April 3, 2022

Ishq Hai

ARY Digital June 15, 2021


ARY Digital May 17, 2021


ARY Digital March 18, 2021


HUM TV June 12, 2020

Soteli Maamta

HUM TV February 25, 2020

Muthi Bhar Chahat

Express TV March 26, 2019

Khidmat Guzar

APlus TV October 26, 2017