Hira Mani (Salman)

Hira Mani
  • 27-Feb-1989
  • Female
  • Pakistani
  • Spouse: Salman Saqib (Husband since 18th April 2008)
  • Children: Muzammil (son), Ibrahim (son)


Hira Salman (who’s commonly known as Hira Mani) is a popular Pakistani actress known for her dramas Dil Mom Ka Diya, Bandish, Do Bol, and Ibn-e-Hawwa.

She was born on 27th February 1989. She’d been visualizing her dream of being an actor since childhood. She kickstarted her on-stage career as a video jokester before replacing it with the art of hosting. So far, Hira has explored the widespread lands of modeling, hosting, singing, acting, and spreading jokes via her videos.

The actress made a formal debut in the acting community in 2012. What’s eye-catching is how Hira and her husband, Salman together occupied the leading roles in her first drama. The name of that drama serial was Meri Teri Kahani

Hira got married to Salman Sheikh in 2008 and the couple has two sons. named Muzammil and Ibrahim. The story of Hira and Salman’s get-together is quite the story. As it happens, Hira broke her engagement twice before she finally came across her ideal husband. Meanwhile, Salman used to be her friend’s boyfriend at that time. Hira just couldn’t refrain herself and decided to be naughty for a while. She sneakily stole Mani’s number from her friend’s phone and the rest is all history! Hira revealed in a talk show how supportive her husband is. She is active on Instagram.

Dramas List

Drama Name Channel Release Date


HUM TV February 8, 2022

Yeh Na Thi Hamari Qismat

ARY Digital January 24, 2022

Main Haari Piya

ARY Digital October 4, 2021

Yun To Hai Pyar Bahot

HUM TV June 8, 2021

Mohabbatain Chahatain

HUM TV November 3, 2020


HUM TV April 7, 2020


ARY Digital December 19, 2019

Mohabbat Na Kariyo

GEO TV October 11, 2019

Meray Paas Tum Ho

ARY Digital August 17, 2019

Do Bol

ARY Digital March 5, 2019


ARY Digital January 21, 2019


HUM TV December 20, 2018

Dil Mom Ka Diya

ARY Digital August 28, 2018

Mera Khuda Janay

GEO TV May 2, 2018


APlus TV April 21, 2018


HUM TV August 28, 2017

Yakeen Ka Safar

HUM TV April 19, 2017

Bilqees Urf Bitto

Urdu 1 April 1, 2017

Sun Yaara

ARY Digital January 2, 2017

Preet Na Kariyo Koi

HUM TV November 3, 2015

Agar Tum Na Hotay

HUM TV August 4, 2014

Jub We Wed

Urdu 1 July 30, 2014

Meri Teri Kahani

ARY Digital April 17, 2013