Mehwish Qureshi
  • Hyderabad
  • Female
  • Pakistani

Mehwish Qureshi

  • Siblings: Has three sisters


Mehwish Qureshi is a Pakistani actress known for dramas Yeh Ishq, Hassad, and Nand. Belonging to a Hyderabadi family, she is the younger sister of another Pakistani actress Uroosa Bilal Qureshi. For some time she served in an airline. Then, she started her showbiz career as a host at a regional TV channel.

Mehwish is active on Instagram.

Dramas List

Drama Name Channel Released
Azmaish ARY Digital May 19, 2021
Nand ARY Digital August 4, 2020
Mann-e-Iltija ARY Digital June 1, 2020
Hassad ARY Digital June 10, 2019
Balaa ARY Digital September 3, 2018
Zakham ARY Digital May 6, 2017
Bilqees Urf Bitto Urdu 1 April 1, 2017
Andaz-e-Sitam Urdu 1 January 5, 2017
Yeh Ishq ARY Digital November 30, 2016
Aap Ke Liye ARY Digital July 12, 2016