Mehwish Qureshi
  • Hyderabad
  • Female
  • Pakistani

Mehwish Qureshi

  • Siblings: Has three sisters


Mehwish Qureshi is a Pakistani actress known for dramas Yeh Ishq, Hassad, and Nand. Belonging to a Hyderabadi family, she is the younger sister of another Pakistani actress Uroosa Bilal Qureshi. For some time she served in an airline. Then, she started her showbiz career as a host at a regional TV channel.

Mehwish is active on Instagram.

Dramas List

Drama Name Channel Released
Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat Express TV August 10, 2021
Azmaish ARY Digital May 19, 2021
Nand ARY Digital August 4, 2020
Mann-e-Iltija ARY Digital June 1, 2020
Hassad ARY Digital June 10, 2019
Balaa ARY Digital September 3, 2018
Zakham ARY Digital May 6, 2017
Bilqees Urf Bitto Urdu 1 April 1, 2017
Andaz-e-Sitam Urdu 1 January 5, 2017
Yeh Ishq ARY Digital November 30, 2016
Aap Ke Liye ARY Digital July 12, 2016