Subhan Awan
  • Male
  • Pakistani

Subhan Awan

  • Education: Textile Engineering (NED)
  • Siblings: Has five siblings


Subhan Awan is a young Pakistani actor known for dramas Qismat and Saza-e-Ishq. He has studied Textile Engineering at NED University. He then worked in the marketing department of a firm. Starting his career from modelling, he has worked in more than twenty commercials up till now. In 2018, he appeared in his first drama Jaltay Khwab.

Subhan is active on Instagram.

Dramas List

Drama Name Channel Released
Tehra Aangan Express TV February 8, 2021
Tum Se Kehna Tha HUM TV November 24, 2020
Saza-e-Ishq Express TV January 7, 2020
Qismat HUM TV August 31, 2019
Muthi Bhar Chahat Express TV March 26, 2019
Jaltay Khwab Express TV November 5, 2018