Yashma Gill
  • 22-Nov-1989
  • Khanewal, Punjab
  • Female
  • Pakistani

Yashma Gill


Yashma Gill is a Pakistani TV actress known for her dramas Azmaish, Pyar Ke Sadqay, and Bebaak. 

Yashma was born on 22nd November 1989 in Jahanian, Khanewal (Punjab). On a captivating live show with Sameena Peerzaada, Yashma retold her story of embracing Islam. The actress had lost all her faith in God and converted to atheism while suffering from anxiety in her teenage years. A girl named Warda helped renew her faith while she was studying psychology at the La Trobe University of Australia.

Yashma joined the television industry in 2016 after returning back home from Australia and has made an appearance in multiple dramas so far. She also made an unexpected appearance in the film Wrong No. 2 (2019).

Dramas List

Drama Name Channel Release Date


HUM TV December 8, 2021


ARY Digital May 19, 2021


HUM TV February 20, 2021

Mujhe Khuda Pay Yaqeen Hai

GEO TV February 1, 2021


Express TV July 9, 2020

Pyar Ke Sadqay

HUM TV January 23, 2020


GEO TV October 5, 2019

Piya Naam Ka Diya

GEO TV June 10, 2019

Gustakh Dil

Express TV January 5, 2019

Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai

GEO TV August 7, 2018

Ki Jaana Mein Kaun

HUM TV June 27, 2018

Haara Dil

APlus TV April 12, 2018


GEO TV January 24, 2018

Kahan Ho Tum

APlus TV January 5, 2018

Ghar Titli Ka Par

GEO TV December 28, 2017

Kab Mere Kehlaoge

ARY Digital December 26, 2017


ARY Digital November 20, 2017


ARY Digital April 8, 2017

Ghari Do Ghari

APlus TV April 1, 2017

Meri Saheli Meri Bhabhi

GEO TV July 6, 2016