Aitebaar Episode 1 Story

Aitebaar – Episode 1 Story

Below is the episode 1 story of the drama ‘Aitebaar‘ that was aired on 24 January 2022.

Hamza is madly in love with his wife Parisa who’s a doctor. His love for her remains undiminished even though she can’t bear any children. Parisa’s sister, Shiza is about to marry soon to Bilal. Parisa’s mother is very fond of her son-in-law, Hamza while ignoring her own son, Sheheryar. Sheheryar and his wife feel gloomy upon the rejection shown towards them.

A critical case arrives in the hospital under Parisa’s authority. After examining the patient, she returns back home. Later, she altogether forgets the matter during her sister’s Mehndi ceremony. The patient’s condition worsens and he eventually dies. Parisa is aggrieved and frustrated upon hearing the news. During the ceremony, one of Bilal’s friends tries to capture photos of Parisa. Hamza spots him doing so and is enraged. After declaring to discontinue the marriage, he leaves.

Sheheryar’s wife, Fareeha tries to stir trouble between Parisa and Hamza but fails. Sheheryar backbites on Hamza while Shiza defends her brother-in-law’s choice. The misunderstanding is later cleared and the marriage is to progress as usual. Some lustful playboy sets his sight on Parisa’s beauty while on the road.

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