Below is the episode 22 story of the dramaAitebaar that was aired on 20 June 2022 on Hum TV.

Babar and Hamza come face-to-face about the latter’s past. Babar asks Hamza to stay away from Hareem. Hamza wants legal right on her being Hareem’s biological father. Hamza reveals to Naveen the truth about Parisa being his first wife and the only love of his life, shattering her heart into a million pieces. Despite getting betrayed, Naveen is head over heels for Hamza and can’t imagine living without him.

Bilal can’t stop thinking about the deal Babar offered him and seeks advice from his mother who persuades him into prioritizing his business over Shiza. He goes to Babar and informs him about his preference of choosing business over his wife and unborn child, drawing resentment in Babar’s heart.

Asfand informs his mother about his plans of getting married to Hina and is determined to take a stand for her in case his father disapproves of Hina. 

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