Aitebaar Episode 24 Story

Below is the episode 24 story of the dramaAitebaar that was aired on 04 July 2022 on Hum TV.

After Babar kicks Bilal out of his office, the former returns home only to find Hamza expressing his love to Parisa. Parisa is startled to see Babar and tries to clear the misunderstanding but Babar interrupts her explanation and leaves. Bilal’s mother applauds him for following her instructions and creating a drift in Parisa’s relationship.    

At Hareem’s parent-teacher meeting, Hamza arrives unannounced before Babar, leaving Parisa confused. Babar appears shortly after and fumes with anger seeing Hamza holding Parisa’s hand. Later, he chides Parisa for leading Hamza on and not reminding him of his limits. 

Babar advises Naveen to exhort Hamza from interfering in Parisa’s life or else he will report him to the police. When Naveen informs Hamza about the threat, he feels no remorse and instead intends to be even more rebellious. Jahangir calls Hina’s mother, warning her to put a leash on her daughter.

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