Aitebaar – Episode 26 Story

Below is the episode 26 story of the dramaAitebaar that was aired on 25 July 2022 on Hum TV.

Parisa tries to prove her innocence in front of Naveen who is not ready to hear any justifications. Seeing her brother and husband madly in love with Parisa, Naveen develops a grudge for her. Her feelings become even more intensified when Hamza mentions that he wants to atone for his mistakes and remarry Parisa. 

The news of Babar and Parisa’s reconciliation displeases Bilal’s mother as she wants to avenge Babar for ending Bilal’s marriage. Babar gets discharged from the hospital and is disappointed by Naveen for not coming to see him. 

To further create a rift in Babar’s life, Bilal goes to meet Naveen but Asfand stops him from advancing. Shiza and her mother run into Shehryar in a store and are shocked to see him in Pakistan. It turns out that Fariha’s brother-in-law had defrauded Shehryar abroad due to which he and Fariha have returned back empty-handed. 

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