Aitebaar Episode 27 Story

Below is the episode 27 story of the dramaAitebaar that was aired on 1st Aug 2022 on Hum TV.

Naveen is pissed to see that Hamza has opened a bank account in Hareem’s name and she confronts him about it. Hamza clarifies that Hareem has a right to his earnings and that he will do everything to fulfill his fatherly duties. Parisa refuses to take a penny from Hamza. However, when Hamza threatens to reveal the truth to Hareem, she is compelled to sign the documents. 

Babar brings up the idea to Naveen of naming his business shares to Parisa. This enrages her and she calls the board meeting, turning the business partners’ against Babar’s decision. Deceived, Babar decides to separate from the business. 

Bilal feels accomplished after hearing the news of Babar’s separation from the business. Shiza suggests Parisa meet Hamza and persuade him to stop Naveen from ruining her relationship with her brother. Babar feels betrayed after he spots Parisa meeting Hamza discreetly. 

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