Aitebaar Episode 28 Story

Below is the episode 28 story of the dramaAitebaar that was aired on 15 Aug 2022 on Hum TV.

Tensions keep rising between Babar and Parisa after the former sees Hamza’s calls in Parisa’s call log. This accelerates even further when he finds out that Hamza transfers funds into Hareem’s account. Parisa tries to assure him that she was compelled to accept Hamza’s money as he threatened to expose Hareem to the truth but Babar refuses to listen to any justification. 

Fariha instigates Shehryar to meet with his mother and find out the reason for Shiza’s separation. When Shehryar refuses to comply, she goes to meet Shiza’s ex-mother-in-law and joins hands with her with the purpose to sabotage Parisa’s life. Asfand takes his mother to perfect his engagement with Hina. Jahangir ousts his wife from the house when she refuses to sever ties with Asfand. 

Naveen goes against Babar’s decision and signs a business deal with Bilal. This hurts Babar’s integrity and he eventually parts away from the business.

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