Aitebaar Episode 31 Story

Aitebaar – Episode 31 Story

Below is the episode 31 story of the dramaAitebaar that was aired on 05 Sep 2022 on Hum TV.

Fariha feels accomplished to see Parisa back at her mother’s house after having a fight with Babar. Asfand finds out about his father’s ailment and rushes to him to look after him. He gets his reports checked by Parisa only to find out that he is diagnosed with the last stage of blood cancer and has a very weak prognosis.

Hamza requests Naveen to help him mend Parisa and Babar’s relationship but Naveen refuses to believe him. Fariha anonymously sends Parisa and Hamza’s old wedding pictures to Naveen to fuel her fire. Babar gets the number identified and finds out that it is registered under Shehryar’s name. He confronts Shehryar about it, leaving him puzzled.    

Shehryar overhears his wife conspiring against Parisa over the phone. In his fury, he drags her to his mother and threatens to divorce her. Awash with guilt, Fariha attempts suicide by overdosing and ends up in a hospital.

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