Aitebaar Episode 32 Story

Aitebaar – Episode 32 Story

Below is the episode 32 story of the dramaAitebaar that was aired on 12 Sep 2022 on Hum TV.

Jahangir realizes that he is suffering God’s wrath in the form of his life-threatening ailment. His conscience finally wakes up and he publicly apologizes to Parisa for destroying her life. He also decides to establish an NGO to help people around the country. Hamza resents Parisa after he sees Jahangir’s public apology. He feels agitated to see people talking about her all over again.

Jahangir finally takes his last breath and as a gesture of humanity, Parisa goes to his funeral only to find the media accusing her of plotting a publicity stunt. Witnessing the entire drama, Babar unwillingly decides to divorce her. Parisa feels heartbroken and falls unconscious after Babar informs her about his decision. Later, he tells Parisa that he is moving abroad and will keep sending her money to fulfill his responsibility. However, when he demands to get custody of their unborn child, Parisa straightaway refuses, labeling him a weak man.

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