Amanat Episode 14 Story

Amanat – Episode 14 Story

Below is the episode 14 story of the drama ‘Amanat‘ that was aired on 28 December 2021.

Samra’s mother visits her while also wanting to bring her daughter back for a few days. This irritates Raheel’s mother who thinks her daughter-in-law has been backbiting about her.

Zunaira resumes her pitiful act in front of Zarrar who rejects her, telling her to share her worries with Junaid. She then apologizes to Meher for her previous misconduct, not from the heart obviously.

Raheel buys Samra a bracelet upon which his mother criticizes him for never being this nice to his mother and sister. At getting a fever, Zunaira offers to take Meher to a friend doctor where she directs her friend to give anti-pregnancy medicines. Later on, Junaid hears her plans while on the phone and stops Meher from consuming the medicine but doesn’t reveal the truth yet. Meanwhile, Zunaira’s father comes back from abroad where he and Zarrar’s family decide to convene for dinner together. 

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