Amanat Episode 19 Story

Amanat – Episode 19 Story

Below is the episode 19 story of the drama ‘Amanat‘ that was aired on 1st February 2022.

Samra is grasped by desperation as she shares her sorrows with her mother. Meher and her aunt come to meet Zarrar but bump into Zunaira first. She spares no effort in insulting them and drives the duo away. Junaid’s mother scolds him for ruining his sister’s marriage. Samra later begs Junaid to plead her case in front of her in-laws.

Malik Furqan is irritated at Meher heading outside since he’d already arranged a doctor at home. Her aunt lies about having also visited a doctor. She then begs her husband not to throttle Meher’s child before birth. He agrees but only with a condition that how he’ll spare the child when Meher gets a divorce. Her aunt protests but Meher finally agrees. Zarrar is shocked as well as confused after Malik Furqan hands over the divorce agreement. He refuses to sign the document.

Junaid and Laiba prepare to head for abroad within a week. Zarrar shares Meher’s demand for divorce with his father. He then rejects his father’s suggestion to have a face-to-face talk with Malik Furqan.

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