APlus Top 5 2019

Top 5 APlus TV Dramas of 2019

Considered to be a top-rated Urdu Pakistani channel, APlus TV provides the most romantic and heart touching dramas that can drive a person into the world of dreams. The channel was launched in 2010. Working for 10 years, the channel has presented all sorts of entertainment genres.

In 2019, APlus TV presented nearly 14 dramas on its platform. Here we have selected the top 5 of them based on their storylines, lead cast, and viewership.

1. Uraan

Total Episodes: 50

Star Cast: Nimra KhanMuhammad Ali JoshKiran Tabeir.

Uraan is our first pick which is a family drama. The story of the drama revolves around two Pathan cousin sisters. The clever one Minaa and warm-hearted Husna. Mina runs away from her village to avoid a forced marriage. She crosses paths with a rich guy Ali who helps her become a model and changes her name to Tamanna.

Husna strives to work for her family while Mina plans her marriage with Ali. The vicious plans of Ali’s aunt cause a turn of events and he ends up marrying Husna. Ali’s cousin, Annie shows Husna’s good side to Ali and exposes her mother’s truth.

Troubles mount when Mina returns to the family but Husna’s love brings Ali back to her. Mina, unable to bear losing everything commits suicide. The couple mends the broken relationship with the aunt and lives a happy life together.


2. Mujhay Beta Chahiye

Total Episodes: 27

Star Cast: Sabreen HisbaniShagufta EjazShahood Alvi.

Mujhay Beta Chahiye deals with the plight of women they face for being not able to produce a male heir. Salman lives a happy life with his wife Rubina and two daughters. His hopes of having a male heir are shattered after the birth of his third daughter. The story takes a startling turn when Salman marries a cunning woman Jahan Ara who corrupts his mind against his daughters and first wife.

This is the time for Rubina to rise against the male dominating society. She faces all atrocities of her husband but stands firm. Jahan Ara’s true face is revealed when Salman goes bankrupt. Till now Rubina has become independent. Salman is thrown out of the house by Jahan Ara and he asks forgiveness from Rubina and his daughters. Unable to bear the weight of his sins, he breathes his last at the corner of the road.

Mujhay Beta Chahiye

3. Mera Kiya Qasoor

Total Episodes: 36

Star Cast: Afraz RasoolBenita DavidKanwar ArsalanRashid Farooqui.

The plot focuses on the lives of two sisters, Tania and Hania. Tania is brainwashed by her aunt and escapes her forced marriage to tie the knot with Nasir only to be involved in a bitter relation. Despite being in love with her aunt’s son Asfar, Hania is forcibly married to to-be groom Kashif to save the family’s face from defamation. 

Both sisters are divorced after facing atrocities by their respective husbands. Tanya loses her mind as Nasir sells their daughter whom she finds later and decides to be independent. While Nasir tastes his own medicine to mend his ways. The sun shines bright on both sisters as they defeat all the calamities in the end.

Mera Kiya Qasoor

4. GT Road

Star Cast: Sonia MishalAijaz AslamKashif MehmoodAsma Abbas,

GT Road is a family drama which addresses domestic scuffle and the consequences of disobedience of parents. A family of four brothers and a sister lives happily with their parents. Problems arise when the eldest brother Tufail marries Nagina and the second son Maalik is married to Feroza who liked Tufail. Failing to adjust, the daughters-in-law start creating rifts in the family. 

Tufail, having abandoned his parents realizes his mistakes when things don’t get along with Nagina. The third brother, Shuja is about to get a chance in a film and strives to create ease for his parents. Will Tufail be able to seek forgiveness? Will the father be able to bear more pain with their children turning back to them?

GT Road

5. Yateem

Total Episodes: 28

Star Cast: Nauman MasoodShamim HilalySana Fakhar.

The story is about an innocent girl Hina who loses her grandmother and comes to live with her father, Waqar who conceals her identity from his second wife, Nadia, and their daughter, Tara. Hina silently bears the ruthlessness of her stepmother but finds solace with the maid, Mary, and Waqar’s nephew Abiz.

To get rid of Hina, Nadia intentionally leaves her behind in an amusement park and believes her to be dead. However, she is rescued by a man, Murat, living in the suburbs. Murat is cold towards Hina but is unable to resist her innocence and adopts her.

Tara feels guilty about her mother’s actions and develops a hatred towards her. Waqar too learns the malice of his wife. His insane search for his daughter goes in vain. 10 years later, Hina sees her father at an award ceremony who too feels a connection with her but fails to recognize her. Despite her father being alive, Hina ends up living as an orphan with an adopting family.


Though APlus dramas might not be able to take lead over other big channels still it is a fact that once a person is after any one of its shows, they feel all stories to be irresistible. It captures the audience in the moments of mixed feelings and one is unable to get out of the hypnotism.

Please share your favorite ones with us and also comment on your suggestions.

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