Top 5 ARY Digital Dramas You Won’t Miss in 2019

The present entertainment industry is full of TV dramas, dramas here on this channel and dramas there on that channel. One wonders which dramas (s)he should watch in this entertainment abundance era which would satiate his aesthetic sense. Ary Digital TV being the real contender in the industry, released many dramas in 2019, some of which were really outstanding.

Here, I have selected five dramas considered to be the best so far in 2019. The story, acting performances, and powerful direction of these dramas definitely put them one step ahead of others. Let’s see which are those five best dramas.

1. Do Bol

Episode Guide

  • Total Episodes:  30
  • 1st episode:         05-Mar-2019
  • Last episode:     05-May-2019


Hira Salman, Haroon Shahid, Affan Waheed, Mehmood Aslam, Zainab Qayyum, Rubina Ashraf.


Written by:         Sarwat Nazir

Directed by:       Syed Wajahat Hussain

Produced by:     Humayun Saeed and Shazad Nasib

OST:                    Nabeel Shaukat Ali & Aima Baig

Do Bol


Do Bol definitely tops our list of best Ary Digital dramas of 2019. The drama deals with the themes of forced marriage, jealousy, and love. It also discusses challenges which a normal woman like Geeti has to face in a patriarchal society. Geeti is a wealthy girl living a happy life until she has to surrender herself before her father’s wishes and has to adopt a lifestyle which she abhors. Her father plans to marry her with his nephew Zafar who is a dishonest and corrupt guy and Geeti does not like him.

Deprived of parent’s affection due to their separation, she finds love in Sameer’s personality whom she meets at her aunt’s wedding. Their love is opposed by their elders and both resolve to flee to Geeti’s motherhouse where they could start a happy life. Things do not go along the plan as Sameer fails to reach in time at the railway station. Geeti is caught red-handed by her uncle at the station and the onus falls on Badar who is the family’s servant and was there just to help Geeti. Though a servant, Badar had developed a soft corner for Geeti in his heart and loved her. Although due to his poverty, he never expressed his love.

Now, both Geeti and Badar are brought home as culprits where Geeti’s father decides her destiny and she is married to Badar as punishment. Badar loses his job too. This situation puts everyone in agony except Badar who has finally got his love. Geeti has to live her whole life with the poor guy who cannot afford the luxuries which she is used to. Therefore, rising tensions isolate the couple but the couple rejoins and Geeti starts to love her husband.

Finally, Geeti’s father feels a sense of repentance as he acknowledges his hate towards his husband and asks her forgiveness. Badar rejoins his job only to find that Zafar has destroyed all the business due to his corrupt practices. Meanwhile, Sameer, Geeti’s old love learns her fate and decides to marry her. All his efforts go in vain as she has started a new life and is no more ready to face more adventures. Overcoming some unpleasant circumstances, the couple finally has a peaceful life.

2. Cheekh

Episode Guide

  • Total Episodes:  30
  • 1st episode:         05-Jan-2019
  • Last episode:     30-Aug-2019


Saba Qamar, Emmad Irfani, Bilal Abbas, Aijaz Aslam, Azekah Daniel, Nayyar Ejaz, Shabbir Jan, Ushna Shah.


Written by:         Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Directed by:       Badar Mehmood

Produced by:     Fahad Mustafa

OST:                    Asrar

ARY Drama 2019 Cheekh


Cheekh explains that there are only two ways in life: to stand for the truth and right path or choose the wrong way. The drama depicts how standing for truth and justice can bring misery and agony for someone. Had she opted silence over her friend’s death, Mannat would have enjoyed all the pleasures of life but she chose the road not often taken.

Cheekh is the story of three friends, Mannat, Haya and Nayab. Mannat and Haya belong to upper-class families while Nayab is a poor girl whose mother has died and she loves with her father, stepmother and stepbrothers. Haya has three brothers and she manages to arrange one of her friends; Mannat’s marriage with her brother. Both friends now plan to enjoin Nayab into their family by marrying her with Haya’s younger brother, Wajih nicknamed Raja.

At Haya’s own engagement night, three friends gather where Wajih tries to assault Nayab who resists it. Failing in his plan and agitated over the situation, he pushes Nayab from the roof and she hurts badly falling down. In the hospital, right before her death, she reveals the murderer’s name (Raja) to Mannat.

Beware of the offender, Wajih’s family tries to protect him offering the victim’s family compensation. The deceased stepmother being an avaricious character tries to accept it but her father stands for justice. On the other hand, Mannat resolves to fight for justice for her friend and confronts her in-laws in the pursuit, who then intimidate her by all possible ways so that she would withdraw the case.

Choosing to be on the right side, Mannat’s husband stands by her in this difficult time. She has a miscarriage and loses her husband by the hands of the same culprit Wajih. But she does not give up. At last, justice prevails and she brings Wajih to gallows who then confesses his crimes.

3. Hassad

Episode Guide

  • Total Episodes:  24
  • 1st episode:         10-June-2019
  • Last episode:     02-Sep-2019


Arij Fatima, Minal Khan, Noor Hassan, Shehroze Sabzwari, Saba Faisal, Nida Mumtaz, Ayaz Samoo


Written by:         Abida Ahmed & Maimoona Aziz

Directed by:       Aabis Raza

Produced by:     Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi

OST:                    Sehar Gul Khan



‘Hassad’ depicts how far one can go to ruin others’ life but the eventual outcome is self-destruction. The story serves poetic justice: good for the good and bad for the bad.

The main focus of the drama is Sadiqa’s family who has two sons. The elder one Farhan is married to his cousin Zareen and the younger is married to Nain Tara. Farhan is an introvert person and for him, professional life matters more than the domestic one. In other words, he is hesitant to show his emotions towards his wife. This situation puts her in competition with the other couple who enjoy their married life. On the contrary, Arman is more expressive in his love and conveys emotions towards his beautiful wife. Their happy life perturbs Zareen who then takes benefit of every benefit to humiliate and tease the innocent girl.

Things turn around when Arman loses his life in a house robbery. Now, pregnant with a boy, widowed Nain Tara is more vulnerable to Zareen’s eternal enmity. She has no other refuge but to stay in the same house as Zareen. Zareen tries to arrange her marriage with her inept brother. Failing to do so, both siblings accuse Nain Tara of a loose character. The neighbors also speculate Nain Tara and Farhan’s relationship since Zareen has left the house after bitter relations with her husband.

Sadiqa, worried about the present situation, decides to marry Nain Tara with Farhan. The news of their marriage enrages Zareen who then plans to take revenge from Nain Tara, this time a different way. However, her plans go in vain and she desperately throws acid over Nain Tara. Nain Tara survives the tragedy and due to her husband’s fear, Zareen becomes mad in the end.

4. Surkh Chandni

Episode Guide

  • Total Episodes:  27
  • 1st episode:         11-Jun-2019
  • Last episode:     24-Sep-2019


Sohai Ali Abro, Osman Khalid Butt, Hassan Ahmed, Mansha Pasha, Asad Siddiqui, Huma Nawab, Rashid Farooqi.


Written by:         Asma Nabeel

Directed by:       Shahid Shafaat

Produced by:     Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi

OST:                    Krishan Beura

Surkh Chandni


This drama highlights the struggle of victims of acid throwing; a vice penetrated into our society. The stories of acid throwing on women usually surface the headlines but then are easily forgotten. The drama depicts how such traumas affect the victim’s domestic and social life. The heroine of the drama Aida once shattered by the event emerges as a determined and courageous lady thanks to supporting her husband. The drama’s affinity to reality has placed it in the best ARY Digital dramas of 2019.

Aida refuses the marriage proposal of a married man Jawad. Infuriated by the refusal, the mad man throws acid over her face on her wedding day. Envious of Aida’s good reputation, her sister in law Shumaila abets Jawad in the offense. She survives somehow but her half-face is deformed. After that, Shumaila develops illicit relations with Jawad and cheats her husband Mukhtar. Once reprimanded by her own relatives, Aida encounters the hardest time of her life. Aida’s fiancé, Aman stands alongside her in this difficult time. In the end, Shumaila’s confession and testimony against Jawad right before her death put Jawad in danger. Finally, Aida is able to bring the culprit behind the bars.

5. Kaisa Hai Naseeban

Episode Guide

  • Total Episodes:  26
  • 1st episode:         09-Jan-2019
  • Last episode:     03-Apr-2019


Muneeb Butt, Uzma Gillani, Ramsha Khan, Waseem Abbas, Shehzeen Rahat, Farhan Malhi, Nida Mumtaz, Farah Shah.


Written by:         Sameena Aijaz

Directed by:       Ahmed Bhatti

Produced by:     Abdullah Seja

OST:                    Zeb Bangash

Kaisa Hai NaseebanStory

At the end of our list of best ARY Digital dramas of 2019 comes Kaisa Hai Naseeban which deals with the grave issue of daughters’ marriages. This subject is critical since the selection of a life partner for the daughters can either shape or ruin their life. Often blinded by relatives’ love and wealth’s glitter, parents tend to ignore the ground realities.

Jamal has two daughters, Maryam and Farah. Maryam’s cousin Affan is interested in marrying her. His sister Musarrat lives in Malaysia with her son and a daughter. He decides to marry Maryam with her nephew Ahmed due to Musarrat’s persistence. She promises to keep Maryam happy and affluent. Moreover, she demands a hefty amount from her brother as a loan. Jamal manages the money by mortgaging his house. The marriage takes place and the newly-wed couple travels to Malaysia.

Initially, content with her life, Maryam comes to know the bitter truth about her in-laws. Her husband is jobless and they live in a small flat rather a promised big house. Due to Musarrat’s blackmailing, Maryam is unable to tell her father the truth. Jamal’s house is confiscated once he does not pay back the money. Affan marries Maryam’s younger sister Farah and takes their house back.

Running out of cash, Ahmed demands his wife to find a job. Things get worse when she starts the job. After that, her husband starts beating her over petty matters and suspects her. As a result, she has a miscarriage. Now afraid of local police, Ahmed escapes to Pakistan, to his uncle Jamal to ask his help. On the other hand, Maryam also finds her way back to Pakistan and reveals the reality to her father who then throws away Ahmed. Ahmed becomes paralyzed after an accident and his sister gets divorced in the end.


In conclusion, It is pertinent to mention that some of the above dramas artistically depicted the social vices of our society like forced marriages, envy, acid throwing, and sexual violence. It is pleasant to see that the focus of drama producers has shifted from domestic stories to a different panorama. I hope the list of best ARY Digital Dramas of 2019 would have helped you save your precious time in deciding which dramas to enjoy.


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