Aye Musht-e-Khaak Episode 7_8 Story

Aye Musht-e-Khaak – Episode 7~8 Story

Below is the story of episodes 7 & 8 of the drama ‘Aye Musht-e-Khaak‘ that were aired on 03~04 January 2022.

While Mustajab is at a dinner party at Dua’s home, his mother Shakeela has a minor health issue. After everyone rushes to the hospital and greets Shakeela who’s much better now, Shakeela requests advance the wedding reception date since there’s never a guarantee for life. Dua’s father agrees while back at home, Dua feels stressed at the sudden change of plans. But there’s no use now as the commitment has already been made and so not very long after, Dua migrates to her new home as Mustajab’s wife.

In the coming days, Mustajab is quite irritated by Dua’s intense praying schedules but Shakeela warns him not to mess with Dua’s religious affairs. Back at home, Dayaan and his parents are heartbroken at going against Dua’s wishes and sending her off to her husband sooner than she desired. They visit the next day after marriage where Dayaan jokingly makes fun of Dua by showing her some funny pictures he took at the wedding ceremony. Mustajab gets serious and after deleting the pictures in a not-so-polite manner, claims that he won’t allow anyone to make fun of his wife’s beauty.

Dua’s parents are very upset with Mustajab’s personality quirks but Dayaan tells them not to worry much. Shakeela expresses to Dua her wish of correcting Mustajab’s direction under the influence of her daughter-in-law. Later, the three visit the old mosque where all except Mustajab feel very relaxed and comfortable. Mustajab conveys his honeymoon plans to Dua who rejects it immediately since the month of Ramadan is approaching. She feels quite hurt by Mustajab’s continuous habit of breaking promises.

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