Below is the story of episode 21 of the dramaBadshah Begum that was aired on 02 August 2022 on Hum TV.

Gulnar is questioned about the real culprit but she refuses to reveal him. As a result, she is sentenced to death for misleading the council. Shahmeer is asked to shoot her to death but he refuses to comply after discovering that she is expecting. Jahan Ara suggests Murad marry Gulnar to get rid of the mess but he refuses. 

Zulekha criticizes her father for not believing in Shahmeer despite her insistence. She makes it clear to him that she will never give Shahzaib a place in her heart as it belongs to her love Shahmeer only. Shahmeer resents Jahan Ara after finding out that she covered up Murad’s sins. 

Jahan Ara explains to Shah Alam that Gulnar’s child belongs to his lineage. She decides to marry Shahmeer to Gulnar to give the child the dignity he/she deserves. Gulnar is forcefully summoned to the house and prepared for marriage despite her reluctance. 

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