Badshah Begum Episode 28 Story

Below is the story of episode 28 of the dramaBadshah Begum that was aired on 27 September 2022 on Hum TV.

Zulekha requests Shahzaib to get her and Khalifa Nawaz out of the mess as she believes her father was instigated to plot Shahmeer’s killing. Bakhtiar discovers that Murad concocted with Hakim Be to carry out Shahmeer’s assassination. He informs Jahan Ara about it, asking her to keep a close eye on Murad.

Shahmeer decides to inaugurate a hospital in the area. While making an address, he declares to free Badshah Begum from the baseless compulsions of Peerapur and makes an appeal to grant her the right to marry. This infuriates the public and they attack him, calling him a traitor.

Zulekha requests Shahzaib to protect Shahmeer from the people’s wrath. Murad pays the guards to open the gates of the Pir house, allowing people to enter and attack Shahmeer. When Jahan Ara requests Shahzaib to help Shahmeer, he takes the opportunity of the situation and demands to take control of the throne.

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