Badzaat Episode 33_34 Story

Below is the story of episodes 33 and 34 of the dramaBadzaat that were aired on 29~30 Jun 2022.

Episode 33 Story

The doctor instructs Narmeen and Daniyal to keep Akbar away from any kind of tension as he won’t be able to survive another heart attack. Narmeen curses Wali for making her life restless. Despite having an affair with Annie, Daniyal keeps manipulating Huda into marrying him.

Unable to bear the news of Akbar’s condition, Wali heads to the hospital to check on him. Unfortunately, he has a less-than-friendly welcome from Daniyal and Narmeen who does not let him meet Akbar. Meanwhile, Laila and Bia grow close when Laila narrates her life story to Bia of how Wali’s father snatched Wali from her when he was a child.  

Daniyal impoisons Mehreen against Wali by making up false stories that Wali wants his share of the property. She agrees to stay distant from Wali for a while at Daniyal’s request.

Episode 34 Story

Laila falls unconscious so Bia calls a doctor to check on her. Annie decides to quit the showbiz industry and get settled with Daniyal when he excitedly gives her an international modeling contract. Daniyal persuades her into accepting the contract which requires a bold and outrageous shoot and promises to marry her after the contract is completed. Wali walks in on them and warns Annie that Daniyal will deceive her but to no avail. To prove Wali wrong, Annie asks Daniyal to marry her immediately.

Narmeen tries to seclude Mehreen in the house, leaving her heartbroken. Wali suggests Bia resume her studies after her mourning days are complete. Daniyal announces in the office that he will be leading all the projects from now on but Wali intervenes and thwarts his evil plans. Narmeen asks Akbar to take Daniyal’s marriage proposal for Huda but refuses to take Mehreen along.

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