Bakhtawar Episode 03 Story

Below is the story of episode 03 of the dramaBakhtawar that was aired on 31 July 2022 on Hum TV.

Bakhtawar changes her guise into a boy by chopping off her hair and changing her wardrobe to be able to live in the new neighborhood. She seeks work in different stores but is offered laborious jobs suited for boys. Seeing her in male attire, a bunch of loafer boys in her street try to befriend her but hearing her feminine voice, they start poking fun at her. 

Sakina’s husband, Ghaffar informs Hameed about the development. Hameed orders him to find out about the mother-daughter location. Following a lead, Ghaffar discovers the location and summons Hameed to the city. However, they fail to track down Bakhtawar and Shareefa. 

Bakhtawar gets a job as a waiter in an open café. Although she puts up a happy face, her heart sinks while experiencing the harsh environment and behavior of strangers. Shareefa insists that Bakhtawar drop her dual personality act but she refuses. 

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