Bakhtawar Episode 09 Story

Bakhtawar – Episode 09 Story

Below is the story of episode 09 of the dramaBakhtawar that was aired on 25 September 2022 on Hum TV.

Sheeda’s mother brings her son’s proposal for Bakhtawar. When Shareefa rejects it, Sheeda gathers the neighbors and presents Nazar with a complaint against his tenants, disgracing Bakhtawar as a characterless woman. When Bakhtu returns from work, he faces suspicious gazes from the neighbors.

Furious, he goes to the landlord and threatens to leave the house if people keep interfering in his personal matters. To take advantage of the situation, Nazar once again tries to convince Shareefa to marry Bakhtawar to a respectable man like him. Overwhelmed, Bakhtu bursts into tears when Sherzaman orders him to massage his legs.

When Shareefa informs Bakhtawar that Nazar is waiting for a reply to the proposal, Bakhtawar gathers courage, puts on her veil, and goes to Nazar, rejecting his proposal and blowing his gaff in front of his wife. She then goes to Sheeda and insults him in front of his friends for being a lowlife and cheap man.

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