Bebaak Episode 19_23 Story

Bebaak – Episode 19~23 Story

Below is the story of episodes 19~23 of the drama “Bebaak” that were aired on 03~07 January 2022.

Wafa’s mother is worried for her while Wafa is plotting the cruelest revenge against Meesam. Shizza is ready to leave for London but Meesam stops her and also agrees to marry her.

Wafa continues to pester Meeaam with her calls and clusters of lies. During Meesam’s visit to the office, Wafa realizes that he is her boss’s brother. She promises in her heart to ruin Meesam’s wedding.

Sharafat loses ten lakh rupees in gambling. At the wedding, Wafa sneaks into Meesam’s room, almost making him die of anxiety because of it. Once there, she refuses to leave no matter what. Until finally, Meesam promises to meet her on a date tomorrow. Shizza is skeptical about the matter but finds no evidence regarding Wafa’s visit.

Influenced by Wafa’s care, Asad starts getting into verbal fights with his wife Sunaina. At home, Meesam gets irritated by Shizza’s suspicions. Wafa acts as if she’s sick and so Asad takes her to the hospital. Coincidentally, both come across Farhad in the hospital. Asad is enraged at seeing the liar while Wafa manages to hide the truth about her true identity somehow.

Sharafat once again loses the bet against Sheikh Niaz. To compensate for the losses, Sharafat agrees to let Niaz marry his younger daughter, Areeba. Distressed, the mother and daughter duo try seeking refuge at Farhad’s home but his mother kicks them out of the house. Wafa plans to marry Asad for his wealth while keeping Meesam as her lover. 

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