Bebaak Episode 29_33 Story

Bebaak – Episode 29~33 Story

Below is the story of episodes 29~33 of the drama “Bebaak” that were aired on 17~21 January 2022.

Asad’s family members get suspicious of him running an affair. Sunaina prepares to leave but Shizza convinces her not to. Sharafat learns of Wafa’s marriage and blackmails his daughter. At the company, Meesam inquires about Seher (Wafa) and reaches her address. He then learns of Asad marrying Wafa and is ready to spill the truth. Sadly, Asad passes out before he can finish. To let him stay stress-free, his family members refrain from telling the truth.

Farhad visits to plead Areeba for forgiveness. Sheikh Niaz and his son blame Areeba for disloyalty after seeing them together. Areeba is accidentally killed while trying to run away. Niaz puts the blame on her and threatens Sharafat to return his money. Wafa arrives at her sister’s funeral but is cursed by her own mother. Farhad requests her not to come again. She is a bit scared after witnessing her mother’s hatred for herself.

Shizza spots Laiba with her boyfriend. After inquiring, she gets criticized for being a spy. Wafa gets appointed as the new boss after revealing her ownership of 50% shares. She also discovers Laiba with some guy and takes photos of them. Asad brings Wafa to his home. Sunaina is heartbroken while Shizza is suspicious and scared. Asad is tangled in the poisonous webs of lies spun by Wafa.

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