Bebasi Episode 11 Story

Bebasi – Episode 11 Story

Below is the episode 11 story of the drama ‘Bebasi‘ that was aired on 21 January 2022.

Mahrukh meets with Nuzhat and both decide to let the marriage occur earlier. Tameezuddin plans to visit Karachi so he can invite his boss Ahmer to the wedding. Shabana is disappointed by Ifrah’s lack of fighting will against her father. Neeli comments on there being no comparison between her and Ifrah.

Ifrah’s future in-laws buy expensive jewelry for her. Ishrat Jahan becomes greedy and is concocting some evil plots. Tameezuddin inquires from Ifrah about the property her grandfather left for her. She reveals how her step-father sold it long ago. Tameezuddin is disgusted by the seemingly greedy behavior of Ifrah’s parents. He foul mouths them both and also scolds Ifrah once she tries to defend her parents.

Ahmer agrees to attend Ifrah’s marriage. Tameezuddin comes across Azra and is disgusted by her lifestyle once more. Nadia becomes irritated and turns down Mahrukh’s offer of accompanying her for shopping.

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