Bebasi Episode 12 Story

Bebasi – Episode 12 Story

Below is the episode 12 story of the drama ‘Bebasi‘ that was aired on 28 January 2022.

Nadia is irritated upon hearing Ahmer’s plans of attending a marriage upon a worker’s invitation. Mahrukh tries to talk him out of it as well but Ahmer remains resolute. Nadia’s mother once again blames Mahrukh for Ahmer’s sudden departure. Ifrah tries contacting her mother to receive her blessings. Azra neglects the call as she is busy in prayers.

Tameezuddin reaches cloud nine when his boss Ahmer arrives. Ishrat is depressed at witnessing her stepdaughter’s splendid marriage ceremony. She instigates Ifrah’s in-laws by revealing Sahir’s matter to them.

The groom’s family feels betrayed and decides to abandon the marriage. Tameezuddin is out of his wits while flowers are blooming in the evil stepmother’s heart. Ahmer witnesses the confrontation as well and is confused.

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