Bebasi – Episode 2 Story

Below is the episode 2 story of the drama ‘Bebasi‘ that was aired on 19-Nov-2021.

Ifrah’s step-father, Sajid informs Sahir’s father, Anwar about Ifrah being his stepdaughter and Tameezuddin, her real father. He hides the truth that he married Ifrah’s mother because of her money. Sajid is secretly against the marriage because he fears that all the property will be given to Ifrah.

Anwar then informs his son about Ifrah being a stepdaughter and forbids Sahir to marry Ifrah. Upon Sahir’s requests and a condition of Sahir taking a year course abroad, Anwar agrees. Sahir and Ifrah get engaged.

Ifrah doesn’t know that Sajid is not her real father. Sahir doesn’t tell her and requests Anwar to not tell her as well.

Neeli rejects the marriage proposal brought by Tameezuddin. Tameezuddin becomes quite upset and disappointed by her misbehavior. Despite the engagement, Sajid and Anwar are planning on stopping the marriage somehow by having a one-year gap between the engagement and marriage ceremony.

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