Bebasi Episode 5 Story

Bebasi – Episode 5 Story

Below is the episode 5 story of the drama ‘Bebasi‘ that was aired on 10 December 2021.

Ahmer takes Nadia back home but is still not willing to marry her. Ifrah wakes up but denies meeting anyone. She doesn’t even tell her mother that she has learned the truth. Sajid tries to talk to her but she pretends to be asleep. He then blames his wife for Sahir and Ifrah’s engagement being too soon. Ifrah asks her mother and Sajid about his real father before revealing how she came to know the truth.

Mahrukh and Nazia’s mother still hope for Nadia and Ahmer’s marriage. Mahrukh and Nadia plan to make Ahmer realize Nadia’s love.

Ifrah’s mother reveals the truth to her and tries to make her understand that Tameezuddin wouldn’t have been good to her. But Ifrah is adamant to prefer him over Sajid’s hypocrisy. Sajid feels guilty and Ifrah leaves to meet her real father. 

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