Bebasi Episode 7 Story

Bebasi – Episode 7 Story

Below is the episode 7 story of the drama ‘Bebasi‘ that was aired on 24 December 2021.

Ahmer gets upset after Nadia’s mother delivers sweets at his office in celebration of his marriage with Nadia while he still hasn’t agreed to marry at all.

Late into the night, Sahir is confused at Ifrah’s boycott of contact with him and is prepared to head towards her home but Anwar talks him out of it. Then in the morning, Anwar heads off to Sajid’s home earlier than his son and warns Sajid of Sahir’s plans to visit. However, Sahir spots his father’s car on the way towards Ifrah’s home and later Azra tells him of Ifrah’s departure after the truth is revealed. Distressed and worried for Ifrah, Sahir asks Azra about the whereabouts of her ex-husband’s home so that he can check up on Ifrah.

Ifrah starts taking part in home chores whereas her father warns her not to lead his other two daughters astray due to her supposedly broad-minded thinking. Mahrukh apologizes to Ahmer for being a bit dominant and making decisions without his content, all because of her love for him. Getting emotional, Ahmer finally agrees to marry Nadia.

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