Bebasi – Episode 8 Story

Below is the episode 8 story of the dramaBebasithat was aired on 31 December 2021.

Ifrah’s stepmother allows her to prepare dinner for her father. Later, she backbites on Ifrah in front of Tameezuddin but much to her dismay, Tameezuddin quite enjoys Ifrah’s cooking.

Sahir comes looking for Ifrah, where he has a conversation with her father and proposes for Ifrah’s hand in marriage. After Ifrah willingly surrenders the decision making power to him, Tameezuddin delays the response for an year during which Sahir shall remain abroad and boycott contact with Ifrah. Sahir is very disappointed with his own father’s hypocrisy.

Nadia gives Mahrukh a cold-shoulder while taking selfies with Ahmed and her mom. Later, her mother stops Mahrukh from accompanying Ahmer and Nadia while they chat together, thus making Mahrukh quite restless. At home, both mother and daughter reveal their true colors while they plan to let Mahrukh step aside and have no gratitude whatsoever towards her efforts for them.

Neeli remains quite envious of Sahir’s love for Ifrah while the other sister often fends for Ifrah in front of her own mother and sister. 

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