Best 10 Amazon Originals Action Shows

Best 10 Amazon Originals Action Shows

It’s no secret that action shows are the most fun and nerve-wracking to watch. When you are soaked up from watching rom-coms, action shows can really prove to be a breath of fresh air. From shootings to explosions, prison escapes to robbing banks, what are the best action shows? All of them? Perhaps. There have been tons of action-packed shows in the past decade that might have missed your attention in your Amazon Prime library.

Worry not, as we have curated a list of the best Amazon Originals action shows that feature enormous explosions, adrenaline-rushing shootouts, and high-octane hand-to-hand combat. So, pop some popcorn and pour yourself a drink to get indulged in the fieriness of these action shows!

1. Invincible

Invincible is a must-watch American adult animated superhero show that premiered in March 2021. It has one season comprising eight episodes.  

Based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, the story of Invincible follows a 17-year-old teen, Mark Grayson played by Steven Yuen and his transformation into a superhero. He is the son of Nolan Grayson played by J.K. Simmons who is the most powerful superhero on the planet. Mark aspires to become a legend just like his father and learn how to wield his superpowers but soon discovers that his father’s legacy may not be as daring as it seems. 

2. The Boys

The Boys is an American superhero action television series released in July 2019. It has two seasons comprising sixteen episodes.

Based on the comic book of the same name, the plot of The Boys follows an official group of superpowered individuals called “The Seven” run by the conglomerate Vought International who abuse their abilities while portraying themselves as saints. However, their real personalities are revealed when a group of non-powered vigilantes called “The Boys” unravel the truth about the atrocious crimes they commit in secret.  

3. Bandish Bandits

Bandish Bandits is an Indian romantic drama series released in August 2020. It has one season consisting of ten episodes.

The plot of the show follows two musicians in Jodhpur, Radhe Rathod played by Ritwik Bhowmik and Tamanna Sharma played by Shreya Chaudhary. While Radhe is a Hindustani classical music student, Tamanna is a pop singer and the two also have contrasting personalities. Together, they set out on an incredible journey of self-discovery with one another to explore if opposites can also adapt and go a long way.   

4. Reacher

Reacher is an American crime thriller television series released in February 2022. It has one season comprising eight episodes.  

Based on Lee Child’s first Reacher novel, the plot of the show follows a former military police officer, Jack Reacher played by Alan Ritchson who is falsely accused of murder just as he arrives at the small Georgia town of Margrave. After completing his sentence, he sets on a quest with his associates to unfold a malicious conspiracy of politicians, police officers, and businessmen that put him behind bars.

5. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan aka Jack Ryan, is a gorgeously shot American political action thriller television series released in August 2018. It has two seasons comprising sixteen episodes in total. 

The plot of the saga follows an up-and-coming Central Intelligence Agency analyst, Jack Ryan played by John Krasinski who notices a dubious series of bank transfers during his desk job. To enquire about the cause, he risks his safety and indulges himself in a dangerous gambit with a rising terrorist head who threatens to cause destruction on a global scale. Jack must hunt down suspected terrorists and solve this dangerous field assignment to keep his country safe.   

6. The Tick

The Tick is an American streaming television series released in August 2016. It has two seasons comprising twenty-two episodes.

Based on a comic book of the same name, the plot of this show follows a common accountant, Arthur played by Griffin Newman who discovers that his city is owned by a global supervillain who was considered dead long ago. To further uncover the conspiracy, Arthur befriends a mysterious blue superhero, The Tick and together they join forces to help combat crime and take over the city’s underworld.  

7. Absentia

Absentia is an American thriller drama television series released in February 2018. It has three seasons consisting of thirty episodes in total.

The plot of the series follows an FBI special agent Emily Byrne played by Stana Katic who is declared dead in absentia after she went missing while pursuing one of Boston’s most tarnished serial killers. However, six years later, she is found alive in a cabin in the woods with no memory of the years that she spent missing. When she returns home, she finds her husband remarried and her son being raised by his new mother. Emily must reclaim her identity to find out details of her time while she was missing.   

8. The Widow

The Widow is a British television drama series released in March 2019. It has one season comprising eight episodes.

The plot of the show focuses on a lady, Georgia Wells played by Kate Beckinsale who believes that her husband died in a plane crash on a trip to the Congo in Africa. To cope with her husband’s death, Georgia secludes herself from city life and takes refuge in the Welsh countryside. However, three years later, she spots her husband on television during a news report about the Congo. To prove that her husband is still alive, Georgia travels all the way to Kinshasa to find her husband.  

9. Utopia

Utopia is an American science fiction drama television series released in September 2020. It has one season comprising eight episodes.

The plot of the show follows a group of young adults who are comic book fans. One day, they get ahold of Utopia, a graphical cult underground comic book only to uncover a global conspiracy. As the truth unravels, the group finds themselves obligated with the dangerous task of saving the world.

10. Diablo Guardian

Diablo Guardián is a Mexican television drama that premiered in May 2018. It has two seasons comprising eighteen episodes in total.

Based on the 2003 novel Diablo Guardián by Xavier Velasco, the plot of the show revolves around a teenage girl, Violetta played by Paulina Gaitán who aspires to flee away from her boring life in Mexico. In desperation, she robs her parents to run away to her dream city, New York, and start a new life there. Little did she know that after crossing the border, she will be awoken to an awful reality.


So, these were our recommendations for the best Amazon Originals action shows that need to be on your radar. We can assure you that you can never go wrong with these action-filled series as they have a perfect proportion of suspense, thrill, and excitement. If you watch any of these shows, don’t forget to give your feedback in the comments below!

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