Top 10 Korean Dramas 2019

10 Best Korean Dramas of 2019

Although 2020 brought with itself a package of entertainment, one cannot forget the brilliancy of plots and actors’ experiences in 2019. Every year, it just gets better and better. You may not want to miss the dramas of any year. You may want to know how exciting were the dramas last year. Let’s talk about a list of 2019 K-dramas that you cannot afford to miss.

1. Hotel del Luna

Genre(s): Dark Fantasy, Romantic Comedy

It is time to experience a romance between a ghost Jang Man-wol who owns a hotel called Hotel del Luna and the assistant manager Gu Chan-sung who is a human being. The world of ghosts cannot reincarnate until they complete the pending work of their previous lives. So, Gu Chan-sung ends up working in a hotel full of ghost staff members to resolve their issues. As you enjoy the blossoming romance and comedy between the couple, you burst into tears at the end. Some love stories are meant for the couple to be separated!

2. Kill it

Genre(s): Thriller

Kim Soo-hyun hides many secrets and can do the wonders which others can’t even think of. His life takes turns when he crosses paths with a detective Do hyun-jin who has a coconut like personality. She is very hard on the outside but has a soft heart. While working on a case, she unfolds some horrible secrets with Do hyun-jin, and both fall in love. But fate has other plans for them and you may want a separate room to watch the ending scene and lighten your heart by crying out loud!

3. Catch the Ghost

Genre(s): Crime Drama

The story revolves around the struggle of Yoo Re-young to find her sister and a killer called the subway ghost. Since she only believes in justice and doesn’t follow rules, her partner Go ji-seok has trouble working with her. Both realize their feelings for each other when Reyoung changes her partner. Now, the couple teams up perfectly to complete their missions.

4. Doctor John

Genre(s): Medical Drama

The cold life of an arrogant anaesthesiology doctor, Cha Yo-han becomes warm when he starts working with Kang Si-young, a resident of anaesthesiology. Yo-han is known as “Ten seconds” for his ability to quickly identify the disease a person suffers from. Both treat patients calmly and do not realize when their hearts are treated with the love that starts igniting between them.

5. The Tale of Nokdu

Genre(s): Historical, Romantic Comedy

Jeon Nok-du must discover the truth about his birth so he poses as a woman and enters an all-woman village. As per the tradition set in Joseon dynasty, women are enslaved and trained to be courtesans. The drama shows Dong Dong-joo, a trainee and artisan who stands against the atrocities and plans to take revenge from the man who harmed her family. Meanwhile, both the leads happen to fall in love when staying together.

6. The Secret Life of My Secretary

Genre(s): Romance, Comedy

The problematic boss of T&T mobile media Do Min-ik always considers his perfect secretary Jung Gal-hee to do all his work. The girl herself leads a struggling life but everything changes when she seeks help from Veronica park and helps her boss deal with his mystery of forgetting faces. She is the only one he can easily recognize which leads to the two of them falling in love.

7. Touch Your Heart

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance

After staying jobless for two years because of a scandal, top actress Oh Jin-shim tries to get her hands on a role as a lawyer in a series. In this regard, she agrees to work for three months in a law firm under a successful lawyer Kwon Jung-rok. The events somehow lead them to fall in love where they sort various problems and lead a happy life in the end.

8. My Graceful Family

Genre(s): Mystery, Suspense, Melodrama)

Mo Seok-hee was sent abroad after her mother’s murder but returns when grows into a beautiful and strong woman. She hires Heo Yoon-do as her lawyer who always supports justice. The troubles faced by Han je-kok, a former judge lead her to a wrong path and use people’s weaknesses to destroy them. The lead couple sets out to find the secret behind the death of Seok-hee’s mother when Yoon-do’s mother is accused. Things might take a romantic turn as they work together against the judge.

9. Abyss

Genre(s): Romantic Comedy, Fantasy, Crime

By using a powerful object that can revive the dead, two childhood friends, Go Se-yeon and Cha-min are reincarnated. They are different from their previous lives. As they get together again, they work together to discover the mystery behind their deaths and why were they revived. During the process, childhood friendship will take the shape of love.

10. Vagabond

Genre(s): Spy, Action, Thriller, Romance, Crime)

Cha Dal-gun is devastated at the death of his nephew in a plane crash. He sets out to find the truth behind the crash with the help of Go Hae-ri, an agent of the national intelligence service. He finds himself entangled in the web of corruption with many secrets. As he feigns his death to find the truth, the drama leaves a mystery at the end where he is ordered to shoot Hae-ri, the woman he loves.


The majority of the K-dramas of 2019 will demand you to grab tissues and get ready to cry. But to lighten the mood, the list also includes some humorous plots to make you smile again. After all, the magic of this industry never fades away. Instead, it keeps taking lead and you better watch out since the obsession is never going to cease.


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