Top 10 Romantic Korean Dramas

10 Best Romantic Korean Dramas You Won’t Miss

Romance is an important element that viewers search for in a drama. When it comes to K-Dramas, all records of romance are broken. One cannot avoid the fluttering of hearts to see the budding love between leads. But there is always a variety of love stories. Here is a list of the topmost romantic dramas that may interest you.

1. Descendants of the Sun

Yo si-jin, the captain of the Special forces unit tries to date Dr. Kang mo-yeon but their professions are a great hurdle. It doesn’t turn good until they meet again on a peacekeeping mission. This gives them a chance to take a deeper look into each other’s professions. This brings them closer while the second lead couple, Seo Dae-young and Yoon Myung-ju reunite when they face a pandemic. After facing tons of wars and defeating death, the couples are finally united continuing their professional and personal journeys.

2. The Heirs

Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Teen

The plot revolves around the lives of Kim Tan, Cha Eun-sang, and Young-do who are individually struggling in their lives. The drama sees a love conflict as both the leads fall in love with the same girl but the girl’s heart beats for Kim Tan only ensuing more tension in Kim’s life. We will see how life changes for everyone and friends turned enemies sort out their differences as well.

3. My Love from Another Star

Genre(s): Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction

This story is about how an aspiring actress, Cheon Song-yi with her life upside down happens to fall in love with an alien Do Min-joon. He saves the girl number of times removing the distances between the two. Although the love of Song-yi’s life is supposed to travel back, this star chooses to stay with the woman he loves and protect her even with his powers gone.

4. Extraordinary You

Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

The characters in the drama are part of a comic book. The lead girl, Eun Dan-oh discovers this reality and hates how the writer had set her fate. Determined to create her own destiny, she tries to change the plot and falls for Rowoon who knows the truth as well as he was the main character in other of the writer’s story. As the two of them try to change the destiny, they might have some troubles to face and a price to pay.

5. W-Two Worlds

Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Supernatural Gothic

The life of Kang chul, a skilled shooter is totally changed when his family is murdered. He spends his whole life chasing after the culprit. He crosses paths with Oh Yeon-jo who reveals that the world he lives in is that of a webtoon. Additionally, her father is the creator of his life. As the two of them deal with the problems of the parallel worlds together, they fall in love. The story becomes intense when the audience can’t decide whether it will have a happy or sad ending. 

6. Healer

Genre(s): Action, Thriller, Romance

Seo Jun-hu and Chae Young-shin go on a romantic ride as they try to discover the truth behind an old incident that took place in 1992. The duo is joined by Kim Mun-ho who is equally confused as the three of them deal with the problems of the past and are confused between reality and fate.

7. Love in the Moonlight

Genre(s): Historical, Coming of Age, Romantic Comedy

A girl, Hong Ra-on, disguised as a eunuch since her childhood starts serving a crown prince, Lee-young only to win his heart at the end. The story unfolds many hidden secrets of the past and about the realities of Ra-on’s life. Amongst all chaos, the prince has to lose his childhood friend.

8. Playful Kiss

Genre(s): Romance, Comedy

It is always fun to watch a boy giving a cold attitude to the girl he likes and he knows it when she has feelings for him. Similar is the journey of unpopular girl Oh Ha-Ni and smart guy Baek Seung-Jo who happen to fall in love in an interesting series of events that you would love to see.

9. Boys Over Flowers

Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance

A group of F4 keeps bullying innocent people. When a girl Geum Jan-di steps up, she attracts the attention of one member named Gu Jun-pyo and life gets on the track of love. Jan-di feels attracted to another member Yoon Ji-hu but soon realizes her true feelings which have to face many hurdles. After years of separation and facing all calamities, the f4 rejoices as the Jan-di accepts Jun-pyo’s proposal.

10. A Korean Odyssey

A ghost, Son Oh-gong falls in love with Jin Seon-mi, the girl he vowed to protect because of a certain object. Once the object is removed, the love will disappear raising a certain desire in the guy to kill the woman to gain life again. As they try to defeat every hurdle that comes in their way, their love grows stronger with each passing day. Will the protector become a killer or keep his promise forever?


The romantic dramas of the Korean industry are a treat to watch as you discover different unimaginable contexts of a story. It always grabs the attention of the viewers in a way that they are not able to forget it for years. How can one afford to miss being a part of this stupendous and magical journey?


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