Bisaat Episode 2 Story

Bisaat – Episode 2 Story

Below is the episode 2 story of the drama ‘Bisaat‘ that was aired on 05 December 2021.

Afshan celebrates Farhan’s birthday and misses him a lot. Murtaza talks to Afreen about marriage and expresses his feelings for her. It turns out that she too likes him back.

Noor asks Afshan to handle the business with Jahanzaib. Jahanzaib plays a racing game with Raamis after his request. Afshan turns mad, reminisces about the accident and slaps Jahanzaib asking him to kill everyone. Noor tries to make her understand the unintentional accident but she can’t stand the thought of Jahanzaib.

Noor is worried as Kareem is sick and has little time to survive while Afreen is unaware of the fact. Jahanzaib cheers up Raamis as he questions his mother about slapping his uncle. Soon, Kareem dies asking Jahanzaib to care for Afreen. Seeing the shattered condition of Afreen, Noor asks Jahanzaib to shift Afreen’s stuff into her room which irritates Sania who also seems to like Jahanzaib. As Noor questions about Sofia not contacting anyone, Jahanzaib reveals about his divorce.

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