Bisaat Episode 5 Story

Bisaat – Episode 5 Story

Below is the episode 5 story of the drama ‘Bisaat‘ that was aired on 26 December 2021.

Noor informs Afreen of Jahanzaib’s choice and asks for her willingness to marry him. Although moved to cry since she’s already in love with Murtaza, Afreen agrees without hesitation since she can’t bear to upset Noor. Afshan is against Jahanzaib marrying such a good girl like Afreen while Sania mocks Afreen for acting pitiful after hearing such good news.

Later, Noor tells Murtaza of Jahanzaib and Afreen’s acceptance of marrying each other which leaves Murtaza heartbroken. Noor scolds Sania for backbiting Afreen and not showing her the respect due as a future daughter-in-law of their family.

Murtaza later confronts Afreen and enquires why she didn’t refuse Jahanzaib’s proposal. She reiterates once again how she loves Noor like a mother and can’t bear to bring any sort of pain to her, especially regarding her only son who has already suffered trauma in his previous marriage.

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