Bisaat Episode 6 Story

Bisaat – Episode 6 Story

Below is the episode 6 story of the drama ‘Bisaat‘ that was aired on 02 January 2022.

Raamis suggests his mother Afshan to let the mother and son duo leave their home and go settle elsewhere because he loves his uncle Jahanzaib and can’t bear to see him and his mother pointing guns at each other his whole life.

Afreen and Murtaza remain heartbroken at the sudden twist of Jahanzaib and Afreen’s marriage. Many times, Murtaza is on the verge of revealing his and Afreen’s love for each other but in the end, holds back under Afreen’s pleading.

Afshan, who’s still feeling sour towards her brother, refuses to attend the marriage and Raamis decides to do the same out of stubbornness. Meanwhile, Sania insults Afreen in front of Murtaza and Noor. As a result, Noor scolds her. Later, she’s mocking Afreen for being a golddigger upon which Jahanzaib intervenes. Afterward, he rejects Sania’s so-called love for him.

Murtaza threatens to commit suicide in case Afreen doesn’t agree to run far away with him until she finally agrees. However, when paying a final visit to Noor, she gets emotional and abandons the runaway plan.

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