Bisaat Episode 7 Story

Bisaat – Episode 7 Story

Below is the episode 7 story of the dramaBisaatthat was aired on 09 January 2022.

Afshan is still bent on not attending her brother’s wedding. Afreen convinces her after a round of emotional blackmailing. At the wedding, Murtaza’s face remains crestfallen and heartbroken. Contrary to her brother, Sania has a belly full of her anger with no where to vent. Full of hatred toward Afreen, she sets her lifelong purpose to ruin Afreen.

Jahanzaib consoles Afreen by saying how their understanding with each other will grow with time. Afreen tries helping Murtaza by ironing his clothes but is flat out rejected. Ever since she failed to run away with him, Murtaza hates her for being selfish.

Jahanzaib is irritated at his mother’s mention of his future children. In his fury, he cancels his plan of going to a dinner party with his wife. Later however, he comes to Afreen and tells her his philosophy regarding personal secrets. Only after she promises to stay with him even after becoming aware of those secrets does he feels relieved.

Sania demands an explanation from Jahanzaib regarding his preference of Afreen over her. Sadly for her, Jahanzaib simply refuses to answer at all. 

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