Bisaat Episode 8 Story

Bisaat – Episode 8 Story

Below is the episode 8 story of the dramaBisaatthat was aired on 16 January 2022.

Noor inquires about the girl Murtaza had previously mentioned but he tells her how his lover got married to pay off somebody’s favor. Later, Noor brings back clothes for the newly wed couple. Seeing baby clothing as well, Jahanzaib gets angry as well as depressed. And so he slams them to the floor while alone.

Afreen tries discussing her marriage problems with Murtaza who taunts her and leaves. Sofia calls Jahanzaib for some reason. Afshan gets infuriated after her mother suggests her to remarry. She forbids Jahanzaib from accompanying her son during his treatment. Later, Afreen consoles Afshan and clears her mind a bit.

Noor’s relative Arooj and her daughter Kinza come to visit. Kinza treats Afreen like a maid and Arooj is disgusted by Afreen’s base background. Kinza flirts with Murtaza who also plays along a bit to make Afreen jealous. Later, Noor seeks Afreen’s advice regarding Murtaza and Kinza’s marriage. She supports the decision wholeheartedly. Kinza and Sania team up to belittle Afreen. 

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