Below is the story of episodes 18 & 19 of the dramaChauraha that were aired on 01 & 02 Aug 2022 on GEO TV.

Episode 18 Story

Saleem’s friend invites him for dinner in honor of his marriage. Zoya falls sick and refuses to go. Shireen decides to stay home with Zoya but Saleem insists she leaves Zoya at home. Shireen feels uncomfortable at the dinner after hearing insulting comments about herself. Naila restricts her when she tries to retaliate. 

Junaid takes the opportunity to apologize to Zoya when he finds her alone in the house. However, Zoya brushes him off by refusing to accept his apology. Seema resents Arsal for insulting her brother by rejecting his daughter. She declares that she will not back out from her commitment at any cost. 

Junaid overhears Zoya insisting her mother let her take a job. Shireen is offended to find Junaid eavesdropping on their conversation. Zoya is disheartened to see her friends’ rude behavior with her in college. 

Episode 19 Story

Zoya visits Naseem’s grave after college. Arsal follows her and insists Zoya confess her love for him. She becomes fed up with his constant compulsion and clarifies that she never loved him and is not interested in marrying him. 

Naila’s maternal aunt arrives at the house and slams Shireen for marrying at such an old age. Junaid consoles Shireen and assures her to take care of her as a son, earning her respect. When Shireen complains to Saleem about his sister-in-law’s misbehavior, he does not take it seriously and instead asks Shireen to keep him out of trivial matters. 

Arsal’s father, Qadeer (Shabbir Jan) arrives in Pakistan from abroad. Seema forces him to compel Arsal to agree to the marriage. Junaid’s group members conspire against him and plan to abduct Zoya once again. One of them shows his sincerity to Junaid and informs him about the conspiracy.

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