Chauraha Episode 32_33 Story

Below is the story of episodes 32 & 33 of the dramaChauraha that were aired on 26 & 27 Sep 2022 on GEO TV.

Episode 32 Story

Shireen finds Junaid’s proposal appropriate for Zoya and tries to convince her of it. However, Zoya refuses as she prefers marrying Arsal rather than her culprit. Arsal arrives at the house and informs her that he is ready to marry her only if she gives him proof of her virginity. Zoya feels insulted more than ever and requests him to leave her once and for all. 

When Zoya tells Shireen that she wants to protect her marriage with Saleem, Shireen starts suspecting that Zoya is keeping a secret. Soon enough, the police raid their house to arrest Junaid, revealing that he kidnaps innocent girls to rob their parents’ wealth. Shireen boils with anger at the revelation and slaps Junaid in front of everyone. 

Saleem’s heart breaks after enduring so much insult. Enraged, Shireen decides to leave the house but Zoya stops her from ruining her marriage.

Episode 33 Story

Salma suggests Zoya fill out the forgiveness form to get Junaid released on bail. Although Zoya agrees, she keeps humiliating her for having a prior relationship with Junaid. Naila has a change of heart and she sides with Zoya, defending her in front of her prospective mother-in-law. 

Saleem exhausts himself finding a solution to get Junaid’s bail. On his way home, he finds his neighbors humiliating him for his son’s actions. Shireen berates him for not teaching Junaid how to respect women. Moreover, she asks him to set her free as she cannot live under one roof with her daughter’s criminal. 

Overwhelmed, Saleem experiences a heart attack and is rushed to a hospital. Salma blames Shireen for the situation and keeps a condition to make Naila her daughter-in-law only if Saleem divorces Shireen. To accumulate funds for Saleem’s treatment, Zoya sells her earrings and takes a loan from her office. Seeing Zoya’s generosity, Naila feels embarrassed for mistreating her.

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