Below is the story of episodes 06 & 07 of the dramaChauraha that were aired on 20 & 21 June 2022 on GEO TV.

Episode 6 Story

Zoya makes it clear to Junaid that he cannot gain any benefit from her as she belongs to a lower-class family but Junaid pays no heed to it. He demands ten lac rupees from her mother in ransom. Zoya attempts to escape in the night but falls unconscious after encountering horrible dogs. Junaid calls a doctor to check on her and pays him a heavy amount to keep her mouth shut.

Having no other choice, Shireen and Naseem head to the police station to file a report. They leave the station in a hurry after a police officer tries to harass Shireen openly. Later, Shireen gets a call from the station informing her about a dead body found by the police. She rushes to the morgue and is relieved to see that the corpse does not belong to Zoya. 

Episode 7 Story

Naseem tries to convince Junaid about their poor condition by showing him their house on a video call. He admits his defeat in front of his friends and decides to release Zoya in the evening. He goes home leaving Zoya with them who try to gang-rape her in Junaid’s absence. Fortuitously, Junaid arrives back in time and saves Zoya, beating his friends to a pulp.

Naseem suggests Shireen ask her colleague, Saleem for help who promises to support them to get Zoya back. Arsal’s mother, Naseema can’t help but poke her nose into Shireen’s house to acquire gossip from her. When Shireen tries to conceal the truth, Naseema berates her for thinking that people are stupid and don’t understand that Zoya has eloped with her lover. Junaid drops Zoya back at her house and Shireen and Naseem are in tears to see their beloved return home safely. 

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