Below is the story of episodes 08 & 09 of the dramaChauraha that were aired on 27 & 28 June 2022 on GEO TV.

Episode 8 Story

Junaid catches his sister meeting her lover secretly. After kicking the boy out, he can’t stop thinking that his immoral acts are starting to reflect back on his sister. Saleem returns home after filing a complaint about Zoya and elucidates the entire situation of Zoya’s kidnapping to Junaid, leaving him anxious. 

Naseem suggests Shireen marry Saleem as he is interested in her but Shireen hesitates. After Saleem finds out that Zoya returned home safely, he keeps cursing and badmouthing the kidnapper, making Junaid even more guilty.

The gossip mongers arrive at Zoya’s house to get some interesting details about her kidnapping but Naseem kicks them out. Unable to bear the fact that her family is defamed in the neighborhood, Naseem falls unconscious. Shireen rushes her to the hospital with the help of Arsal. Zoya holds herself responsible for Naseem’s condition and Arsal consoles her. Naseem’s condition worsens and before taking her last breath, she asks Saleem to marry Shireen. 

Episode 9 Story

Shireen and Zoya are devastated by Naseem’s death. Arsal insists his mother attend the funeral to avoid the neighbors from creating stories. The neighbors keep gossiping about Zoya’s bad character and Shireen’s affair with her colleague. 

Saleem decides to help Shireen financially and calls Junaid to bring him some cash. Junaid arrives at the house and Zoya is flabbergasted to see him there. At Naseem’s burial, Saleem is surprised to see Junaid shedding tears at the corner of the cemetery. 

The lecherous police officer barges into Shireen’s house in the middle of the night and insists on taking Zoya’s statement privately. At first, Shireen refuses but after the officer’s warnings, she lets him talk to Zoya. He starts investigating Zoya and forces her to spill her lover’s name. Zoya hesitates and when the officer holds her hand, Shireen kicks him out of the house. 

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