Dil-e-Momin Episode 9~10 Story

Dil-e-Momin – Episode 9~10 Story

Below is the story of episodes 9 & 10 of the drama ‘Dil-e-Momin‘ that were aired on 10~11 December 2021.

Aashi is irritated by the continuous calls of Fakhar and complains to his mother. Fakhar thinks it to be Zehra’s fault and talks to Jameel who insults Momin’s parents. Maya is elated as Momin visits her house, apologizes for the whole confusion, and requests her to focus on her studies by joining back the institute. Maya’s mother talks about Momin to Gohar who decides to handle the matter on his own and follows Momin to Ainee’s institute. 

Gohar asks his men to kidnap Momin while Ainee keeps waiting for him. Out of fear, she walks alone and Gohar blocks her way. He threatens her about Momin’s actions regarding Maya. Momin is released and takes his sister back home who stays traumatized but doesn’t say anything. Maya keeps dreaming about Momin and thinks that he is serious about her. Ansa is worried as Fakhar is a loafer but Jameel doesn’t budge. She tries to inquire from Zehra who requests her to save Aashi. Momin scolds Maya for spreading the news of his visit in the university after receiving Gohar’s taunts. 

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