Dobara – Episode 10 Story

Below is the episode 10 story of the drama ‘Dobara‘ that was aired on 29 December 2021.

Coincidentally, it is both Mahir and Mehrunnisa’s birthday today. Sadly though, there’s no one to keep them company as Mahir’s parents are still upset with him while Mehrunnisa’s children are busy in their own lives.

Babar informs Mehrunnisa of Mahir’s birthday after his friend calls him out of loneliness. Narmeen coincidentally comes into Mahir’s hospital room where she mocks him for being a liar as well as penniless. Just then, Mehrunnisa arrives and later celebrates both of their birthdays together with Mahir.

While mentally reminded of Babar’s advice regarding Mehrunnisa as well as Narmeen’s mockery of him, Mahir finally makes up his mind and confesses his love to Mehru and proposes to her. Being flabbergasted at the unexpected turn of events, Mehru is at first confused and then curses Mahir for plotting to marry a rich widow and then leaves. Ibtisam also proposes to Mehru while at a dinner with her which again, she refuses. 

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