Dobara Episode 13 Story

Dobara – Episode 13 Story

Below is the episode 13 story of the drama ‘Dobara‘ that was aired on 19 January 2022.

Mahir is about to start his first day at the new job while Babar makes fun of him which irritates Mahir. At the company, he hears rumors regarding Zameer’s treacherous activities. Later, he bumps into Zameer and is scolded because of that. Mahir looks familiar to Zameer but the latter can’t remember exactly where they’d met before.

Mahir’s father, Jahangir is diagnosed with a heart problem. He’s out of money and can’t afford the expensive treatment. Affan and Seher get married. A robber knocks Ibtisam heavily while he’s out shopping together with Mehru. Mahir witnesses the whole incident and beats the hell out of the robber. He then helps carry Ibtisam to the hospital. Mehrunnisa reveals her plans of marrying Ibtisam to Mahir. He’s not convinced and opines that she is doing it to please others not herself.

Ibtisam is greatly moved by the incident. He regards Mahir as a more suitable fit for Mehrunnisa since the latter can better protect her. Ibtisam then helps the two marry through court. The family members get shocked out of their wits after becoming aware of it.

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