Dobara Episode 14 Story

Dobara – Episode 14 Story

Below is the episode 14 story of the drama ‘Dobara‘ that was aired on 26 January 2022.

Durdana, Zameer, and Minal criticize Mehru for marrying a man slightly older than her son. Zameer is freaked out, thinking whether Mahir will discover his treachery. Mahir buys colorful bangles for Mehrunnisa to cheer her up. Durdana confronts Ibtisam and inquires about the reason for his betrayal.

The previous servant’s niece Shano comes to work. Durdana is adamant upon leaving for abroad. Mahir tries to convince her to stay but she refuses out of stubbornness. She also insults Mahir a lot in the process. Shano reveals the news of marriage to other servants. They’re also a bit confused at Mehrunnisa’s decision.

Mahir and Mehru visit Minal’s house to clear out her misunderstanding but she drives them out of her house while also announcing Zameer’s intention of leaving the company. Mahir and Mehrunnisa are having lunch together. Mehrunnisa’s friend, Afshan comes across them and taunts Mehru for marrying a man half her age. She is depressed at being taunted while Mahir retains his cool. Jahangir admits his sickness to his wife and later falls unconscious while preparing for office.

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